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GREEN TEAM's Sustainability Education

GREEN TEAM's Sustainability Education
With the participation of our students, staff and families, last school year Lin Howe successfully piloted CCUSD’s "Green5" campaign, an educational program designed to build awareness of environmental sustainability within our school community and save money in the process. It is now in the process of being adopted district-wide! The Campaign consists of five simple ways we can reduce our consumption and recycle more carefully: 

     (1) Open the blinds and use the sun to light up your room
     (2) Share appliances and unplug them when they are not in use
     (3) Close windows and doors when the heat or air-conditioning is on
     (4) Use refillable water bottles instead of single-use plastic bottles
     (5) Reduce your consumption! Reuse whatever you can! Recycle whenever possible!
Together we can save money, help the environment and create a sustainable community.

Please notice the recycling bins on campus and carefully recycle your waste whenever possible. This is what is recyclable in Culver City: Cardboard: Cans, Glass Containers, Paper, Waxed Containers, and Plastic Containers.

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