Iverbe Aftercare Program for Fall 2023


Iverbe After Care at Linwood Howe Registration is Now Open for Fall 2023!

To register go to www.iverbe.com and click “Register Here’.


Iverbe After School Program at Linwood Howe will give a great mix of letting kids work on their homework, play fun organized sports and games outside, do arts and crafts, and fun activities inside the classroom. Our student to teacher ratio will be at the most 10 to 1. Iverbe will provide snack to all students each day.

Parents will have the option to pay monthly. We will send out an email each month reminding parents to log in and pay for the upcoming month. The price will $400 a month.

Iverbe Day and Sports Camp is dedicated to creating a fun, positive after school experience in a safe environment at the Linwood Howe School!

We are committed to providing your child with a uniquely personal after school experience. Our staff understand the importance of developing relationships with their students and will help them build meaningful relationships with each other.


Our goal is to provide a safe, supportive environment where students are free to explore their capabilities and focus on having fun.