Rainy Day Drop Off and Pick Up Plan

Rainy Day Drop Off and Pick Up Plan


Cafeteria for breakfast opens at 8:00. Other gates open at 8:30.

Students arriving at 8:30 will walk directly to class.

    1. We will open the double gates on the Irving side for 1st-5th Grades

    2. TK and Kinder will continue to enter through their gates. TK= Gate 3 and Kinder= Gate 4

    3. LH Staff will help monitor students on campus




  1. TK and K picked up from Kindergarten Hallway at Gate 4

  2. 1st-5th Grades- All students picked up from double gates on Irving

    1. 1st/2nd- Dismissal at 2:55

    2. 3rd/4th- Dismissal at 3:05

    3. 5th Dismissal at 3:15

  3. Room 25 Students and Students with District transportation will still use Gate #3
  4. Older siblings will come down at younger students dismissal time. Example: 5th grade student with a 3rd and 1st grade sibling would go to dismissal at 2:55.