Rainy Day Drop Off and Pick Up Plan

Rainy Day Information


Afternoon Pick Up with active rain falling

  • TK, Kinder, Rooms 24 and 25 will use Gate #4 (kindergarten gate)
  • Older siblings of TK and Kinder students will meet at Gate #4
  • 1st-5th will get picked up from glass doors by main office. Adults picking up students will line up in the designated area/line.
  • Please be ready to provide your student(s) name AND Teacher. It could be helpful to have your student(s) name and teacher written on an index card to help staff input the information.
  • Office staff will send a note to the classrooms for the students to make their way down. We ask that families step to the side to wait for their students. We need to ensure we have a clear path for students to exit.
  • Students in after care programs will be dismissed to their programs directly from class