2 Forms due to front office before school starts on August 18

Every year, we ask parents/guardians to update their student’s information for our records. At this time, we are asking you to complete/update your student's registration information on-line.

 You will need to physically bring the 2 signed documents to the boxes outside of the front office at  Linwood Howe before the first day of school 8/18/22 as we need to have original signatures on the documents.  Please do not email or fax these documents.  These documents need to be submitted to finalize registration. 

*Annual Acknowledgement of Forms

*Daily Emergency and Disaster Release Form

You will find the Parent Portal under the Parents tab on the Lin Howe website. If you have previously accessed the Parent Portal, just log-in and go to "Data Confirmation" under the Student Info tab. You will be prompted to acknowledge and complete your child's 2021-2022 school year registration.

If you are not currently accessing the Parent Portal please use the information below to create an account.  Again, the Parent Portal can be accessed under the Parents tab on the Lin Howe website.

The following information is required to create a Parent Portal Account:

  • Student's Permanent ID
  • Telephone
  • Verification Code
This information was shared with you Via email.  if you still need the information, call the front office at 310-842-4338