PE Assignment for the week of 3/16-3/20

Dear Parents and Students,  I hope everyone is doing well. For PE this week’s activities I recommend at lease 30 mins a day. 5 mins of warm up consisting of 4 stretches, jumping jacks, trunk twisters, chicken dance, hopscotch, lunges, etc. Then followed by 20mins of rigorous movement.  Monday:  go to Gonooodel , Tuesday: do 20 mins of practice mine moves by going to utube. Wednesday: try 4 new stretches and try juggling for 20mins. Use items like tennis balls or balled up socks. Thursday: 4 stretches, and 20 mins of jump rope,  jogging, skipping, galloping, side stepping, or walking.  Friday: 4 stretches,  and 20 mins of Yoga from utube. You can choose your level.
Their is no need to report to Coach Jimenez that you child completed their work. Parents can confirm  that their students have completed their PE assignments. If they wish to share their experiences or progress that would be wonderful.  I look forward to seeing everyone. Thanks  And keep moving! Coach Jimenez
Here are some excellent YouTube links. Connect to YouTube and search by topic, then pick one of these links. For mime: ET the mime,HIHo kids, expertvillage. For Yoga: Cosmic Kids. She is amazing. For juggling: National Circus Project. This site is great for beginners to advanced.