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Math Olympiads Tournament

Annual E=MC2

Excellence in Mathematics

Culver City

Math Olympiads Tournament

Established in 2008



Who:     150 Mathletes from 30 schools.  Each school enters a 5-person team of  4th or 5th grade students to compete in a day of mathematically  challenging problems.


What:     There are both individual and team events.  Tiebreaker problems identify top Mathletes and Teams.  Both individual and team awards are  presented and solutions to problems are reviewed.

Why:    Incredibly rewarding experience for mathematically strong students to  meet and interact in an academically supportive environment. ”It was  lots of fun!" is a common remark by the Mathletes.

Where:     Lin Howe Elementary School, Culver City

When:     Second Saturday of March; 8:30 - 2:00

Sanctioning organzation:  Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools, MOEMS:   www.moems.org


For more information email [email protected]