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2017 HSA Award Winners

It was my pleasure and honor to present the 2017 HSA Awards to several of our hard working volunteers who give so much of themselves personally make LH a great community.


Today we presented certificates and flowers to show our appreciation. We will post pictures later today. All recipients will be invited to attend and be honored at the CCPTA HSA awards banquet coming up after the break.


We will have also have a special LH reception to honor all recipients after break- please stay tuned for details. 


Thank you to Jeania Christensen Schilling for leading our HSA committee and hosting this reception as well. I also appreciate the nominating committee for your hard work in reviewing ALL of the nominations submitted. I truly wish we could have given an award to each person nominated - they were all very deserving. It made the task of selecting recipients very challenging. However, this is a WONDERFUL problem to have. 


Here are the recipients for the 2017 HSA awards from LH- in no particular order. 


The Culver Hotel for doing so much to support our school all year long. While I do work at the hotel, I have only been there 3 years. The Culver Hotel's support comes directly from Seth Horowitz, our VP & General Manager and Mrs. Maya Mallick- the Owner of the hotel. It is so amazing to work with such a talented and genuinely caring group of people. They give from the heart and they do it not for recognition, but because it is simply the right thing to do. As Seth says often, LH is our adopted school. The Culver Hotel provides so much year round- from fully sponsoring Gingerbread houses for each family at LH, to special awards recognition breakfasts three times a year (student, parent and teacher go to hotel for breakfast), hosting the annual silent auction, school tours, free room nights and incentives for district, meeting space for recognition and training events for teachers and staff and the list goes on and on. Yes, even though we are moving to CCMS-- The Culver Hotel will be honored to carry on their support of LH!


Our Administrator of the Year - awarded to Dr. Indelicato. Her dedication to our kids, her amazing team and to our parent community is simply amazing. She is the heart of our school. She is at almost every single event- not just to show up and say hi and then leave, but actively participating, and often with her family as well, in all of them. She is so supportive of our PTA & Boosters--- we have thrown some pretty crazy ideas her way but she always supports us and says yes! We would not have the unique community that we all enjoy without her leadership! We truly are lucky to have someone who cares as much as she does about our kids and our community. Thank you Dr. I. from our entire school!


Mia Viljoen- our visionary leader and First Exec. VP who creates "magic" for all of our Family Fun Nights and so so much more. The success of our events defines our school spirit and Mia is our magic maker! Snow anyone? I am so delighted that she has agreed to continue creating the magic next year as well.


Carina Davis Schroeder- our amazing and creative First Exec. VP of Commuications who has really transformed how we tell our LH community about everything PTA. From the beautiful newsletter to all of the created FB Posts & Blasts all year long. Not to mention the hours of volunteering for whatever needs to be done. Carina is going to continue to do all of this for us next year as well.


Courtney Abrams- she works so hard behind the scenes to support such great programs as Growing Great and coordinating our school's Backpack Program. Courtney also has taken on the monumental task of raising funds for next year's kids to go to Pali Camp--not a small feat. She has volunteered so much for so many things----and will continue to do so next year with Linh as Co-VP of fundraising.


Lauri Powell- $$$--- she has worked several years to coordinate all of our fundraising at LH. Product sales, dances, walk-athons, restaurant nights, APEX! All of these take such a tremendous amount of time and coordination and Lauri has been brilliant. The results = all the great things we are able to do at LH. 


Jacy Gross- she has worked for several years to bring us innovative, creative and fun spirit wear for our whole community to enjoy. Jacy also regularly volunteers for our events--- setting up, working the event, selling spirit wear at the last minute with a pop up store. It is so great to see how spirit wear enhances our community and creates such a great sense of pride and belonging for our kids. She has also tried very hard to make sure this is affordable so that all families can enjoy spirit wear. 


Sarah Cheedle---I truly can not think of an event where Sarah has been absent. She volunteers her time so freely and with such a beautiful smile. Sarah- we so appreciate all that you do and it is so nice to be able to say thank you! We simply can not do what we do each year without our volunteers to support.


Brennan Johnson- The HSA committee asked to recognize my partner in crime. PTA President takes a lot of time---he is the person who is always behind the scene at every event- lifting, hanging, setting up, breaking down, shopping for cocoa at 3 Smart & Finals, installing lights, being our first ever snowman (who can forget him running back and forth for 2 hours between machines to create the magical snow). While he could not be there today, I am so grateful to have a chance to say thank you to him and let him know how much we appreciate his volunteer service at LH. Personally- much love and thanks for supporting me and allowing me to have this amazing experience.