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Kathy Johnson

2016-2017 PTA President

Boosters – Silent Auction Committee / Class of 2017 Committee

Mom to Mailee in 5th grade – Wife to Brennan Johnson

Corporate Director of Finance/Operations- Culver Hotel/Mallick’s


Carina Schroeder

2016-2017 Executive VP Communications

Mom of 4th graders Dylan and Neville Schroeder

Manager, Global Artistry & Education Content, Smashbox Cosmetics


Linh Montgomery

2016-2017 Executive VP Membership

Mom to Georgie in 3rd grade and Lauren in 1st grade

  & Two Dogs – Louie & Tiger

Business Owner-


Mia Viljoen

2016-2017 First VP Family Fun Nights/ Centennial Committee

Mom to Anabelle in 2nd grade



Sawanda Matthews

2016-2017 Secretary

Mom to Damari in 2nd grade

DHS Employee


Baydiizye "Daisy" Arevalo

2016-2017 PTA Treasurer

2016-2017 Co-Chair Book Fair

Mom to Evangeline, 2nd Grade & Eliana, Kinder

Bookkeeper by day, Hot-Mess Mom/Wife by night


Appointed Officers


Eun Kim

2016-2017 Financial Secretary and Co-Chair Book Fair

Parent to Juliet, 2nd grade and Miranda, Kinder



Leanne Denelle

2016- 2017 Corresponding Secretary

Mom to Manny in 3rd grade and Nolan in 1st grade

Psychiatric Case Manager at Genuine Care and

Noon Duty Supervisor at Linwood Howe


Joanna Brody

2016-2017 Centennial Committee Chair

Community Relations Liaison

Immediate Past PTA President

Boosters Communication Chair

Mom of 4th graders Joey and Lyra Small, and Sheepdogs Kali & Gromit, and Wife of Councilman Thomas Small

Social cause promoter via Brody Public Relations


Eri Adelman

2016-2017 Historian, Chair Fall Festival and Chair Teacher Appreciation Events

Mom to Noah in 4th grade and Ben in 2nd grade

Work at the Sunset Marquis Hotel 


Aaron Conte

2016-2017 Parliamentarian / Centennial Committee

Father to Alexander 2016 Kinder Grad/1st Grader

Coordinator Ralph Lauren Creative Visual Department- West Coast


Actors Gang


Bronwyn Schrecker Jamrok

2016-2017 PTA Auditor

Booster’s -Green Team Committee

Parent of 2 Vikings

Report Review Officer, Health Policy Organization


Committee Chairs


Martina Meier

2016-2017 Co-Chair Book Fair

Mother to Nina Faeh in 2nd grade and Maya Faeh in Kindergarten

Works at Providence Trinity Care Hospice


Jacy Gross

2016-2017 Chair Spirit Wear

Mom to Lyra in 4th grade and Codaway in 2nd grade



Courtney Abrams

2016-2017 Chair Backpack Program

Boosters - Growing Great Teacher

Mother to Jayden in 4th grade and Gavin in Kindergarten

Entrepreneur Focused on Growing Her Own & Other’s Greatness!


Sophie Nenner

2016-2017 Chair Hiking Vikings

Mother to Charlie – 2nd grade


Lauri Powell

2016-2017 Chair Fundraising

Mom to Leena in 3rd grade; Evan in 2nd grade and Emma in TK

CCUSD Substitute Teacher- Primarily at Lin Howe


Kelly Kent

2016-2017 Chair HSA Committee

Culver City Unified School District Board Member

Mother to Audrey Marin in 4th grade and Bruce Marin in Kindergarten

Neuroscientist & Founder at adaptedED Consultants


Beth Lulu

2016-2017 Chair Box Tops

Mom to Zoe in 4th grade and Zachary in Kindergarten

Full Time Ultrasound Student / Middle-age career change!


Alex Abramian

2016-2017 Yearbook Advisor

Mom to twins John and Eve Mott in 5th grade

15+ Year career as magazine editor- yearbook is just as fun!


Deborah Glenn

2016-17 Co-Chair, Special Needs Committee
Mother to Simon in Kindergarten
Writer and communications strategist; former magazine editor in NYC
Lindsay Crain
2016-17 Co-Chair, Special Needs Committee
Mother to Lena in 1st Grade
Disability Activist

**We need volunteers to help coordinate pictures taken throughout the year in every grade level for yearbook!


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